OPA Literacy School



Education opens door of enlightenment. Enlightenment for family, society and the nation. With this view in mind Old Placidian’s Association (OPA) established the OPA Literacy Center on January 14, 1992.

OPA the alumni association of St. Placid’s itself was established in 1955 with the motto ‘We grow as we go’ For a while OPA was to some extent dormant, till Bishop Joachim Rozario re-launched it. During 1989-90 the organization gained momentum. Soon it began to involve itself in social works and activities, besides observing important national and international days and events. From the very beginning the re-launched OPA took up providing education to under privileged children as one of their major social work. OPA’s intention was to bring out the potentials of these children which otherwise ran the risk of getting lost or wasted.

Venturing out and doing social work successfully in Bangladesh is not always an easy task. Based on the previous experience of some of its members and with the inspiration, active support, help, and assistance of the then Principal of St.Placid’s School Bro. Shubol Rozario, CSC., and the committeemen of the members of the OPA the task of establishing the OPA Literacy Center was undertaken. The beginning was very humble and modest. In the beginning the Center had only 3 teachers and a handful of students drawn from the local underprivileged community. Now the school has 12 teachers and more than five hundred students. Reminiscing her experience the school’s Senior Teacher Ms. Hosn-e-Ara emotionally tells in the beginning we had to to the community and request parents to send their children to our school. Now we do not have to do that anymore. Their parents bring their children to us for admission to our school. This is surely a remarkable achievement. So far the students of the school have performed well in their exams. In the last primary school leaving examination OPA literacy center students overwhelmed everyone when their result showed 100% success. This was a milestone in the history of the Literacy Center. The collective efforts of all con-cerned started paying its dividend after 21 years. It made everyone proud.

The school offers schooling up to primary level. It site at 2.30 p.m. and continues till 4.30 p.m. The St. Placid’s school authority has been generous enough to allow its premises, class room and other logistic facilities to be used for the OPA Literacy Center. OPA provides the text books, all other accessories and school uniform from its own resources. The best part of this entire exercise is that currently lots of former students of OPA Literacy Center are studying in different colleges and universities. Some have been commissioned in the defense forces while few works for the government and some in private firms.

From a very modest beginning the OPA Literacy Center is now a symbol of success that can only happened with the collective intention and effort of some people with dedication and commitment. The Center has already become a model for similar organizations in Chittagong. Now the challenge is its sustainability and expansion to bring into its fold more underprivileged children amongst whom lies some future leaders needed by the nation. Our journey would not have been possible without the acive support of few philanthropists and organizations. But as the Center is on the growth spree we need more new support and sources of funding. The Center organizes its annual fund raising fair. In the past the outcome of the fair has been good in future we want to make this event even better. For this we need you’re all out support. Let us all join our hands and make the OPA Literacy Center our own organization, feel proud for it and make it into an laconic institution of the country. Let the dream survive.

Let the underprivileged smile. Be a part of it.