OPA Picnic

OPA Annual Picnic 2017

Venue : KEPZ Bamboo House Resort
(Restricted Area and Managed by KEPZ Corp.)

Date: Friday, 10 March 2017

Journey Start : 8:00AM and Back at 5:00PM
Journey time 1 hour (+ – depends on traffic)

Registration : 26th February to 2nd March 2017 (at OPA Office 5-7pm)
Limited Registration (1st Come 1st Join basis)

Lots of Fun, Lots of Games
& Exceptional Sight Seeing
Delicious Food & Musical Soiree

Subscription Fee:
Life Member’s Family Members :500 Taka (Per Person)
General OPn’s Family Members : 700 Taka ( Per Person)

Family means Life Member’s wife, son and daughter only

More Information :
OPn. Anis 01819-385-047
OPn. Md. Yasin Chy 01842-500266
OPn. Newaz A Khan (Remon) 01919-009-211
OPn. Mashfique Chy 01711-820-882