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OPA Literacy School (OLS)  was founded in 1992 with the express objective of extending education care to underprivileged children. With a modest start, it was inaugurated at St. Placid’s High School by the Divisional Commissioner of Chittagong, AL haj Mohammed Omar Farooq on January 15, 1992. The OPA Literacy School (OLS) registered a steady growth ever since.

The School started functioning with only three classes i.e. Preparatory, Class I and II with Seven Lady teachers and ten OPA Volunteers, attending the students under the care of Rev. Brother Lawrence Subal Rozario, c.s.c, Headmaster, St. Placid’s High School. Now it imparts education to students upto class V. At present there are 250 students in the school taught by 9 teachers all of who are ladies and who also belong to the vulnerable group. Besides, there are two male staff and one office assistant. Thus the project not only provides free schooling to the underprivileged children but also creates employment opportunities for a number of persons.

Objectives & Programme

The OPA Literacy School (OLS) functions in the St. Placid’s School & College premises, under the able guidance and supervision of the principal of the school. The Vice-principal of the St. Placid’s School & College is the Headmaster of this school. The students of higher classes are offered vocational training such as drawing/sewing with the objective of making them self-reliant, establish good work habit and instill good morals.


The OPA Literacy School (OLS)  is managed by a Sub-committee under the supervision of the executive committee of the Old Placidians’ Association (OPA) and the Principal of St. Placid’s School & College. The curriculum is educating the boys by following the National Curriculum.


Progress in the study is checked by periodical examinations, Students learn discipline through different activities like drill and sports and art competition. Besides, cultural functions are occasionally organized.

The school offers schooling up to the primary level. It starts at 2.30 p.m. and continues till 4.30 p.m. The St. Placid’s school authority has been generous enough to allow its premises, classroom and other logistic facilities to be used for the OPA Literacy Center. OPA provides the textbooks, all other accessories and school uniforms from its own resources. The best part of this entire exercise is that currently lots of former students of OPA Literacy Center are studying in different colleges and universities. Some have been commissioned in the defense forces while few works for the government and some in private firms.


Let the underprivileged smile. Be a part of it.

Fund Management

Students are provided with books and stationery, school kits, occasionally food for nutrition and clothes, primary health check-up, etc, all free of cost. These facilities are managed by donations from many philanthropist OPN and from various generous sources. The OPA Literacy School (OLS) requires Tk. 9,00,000/-( Nine Lac) every year for Teachers and staff remuneration, examination fees and the above-mentioned expenses of which OPA finances from their own FDR interest incomes and also by organizing the FUN FAIR which generates some incomes to fulfill the expenditure.

This on-going project of Old Plaidians’ association (OPA) has already earned appreciation from all strata of the society. However, financial succor is necessary for the substances, growth, and perpetuation of this philanthropic endeavor.

We, The Old Plaidians’ association (OPA), therefore earnestly appeal for donation/assistance for smoothly running this noble project, for the UNDER PRIVILEGED CHILDREN.

Please come forward to save the children from the curse of illiteracy. Old Plaidians’ association (OPA) will remain grateful to accept donations for the OPA Literacy School (OLS) students. Please send your donation to the undermentioned account and send an email to us.

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