OPA Literacy School Annual Sports was held on 10th March 2020 at Saint Placid School premises. This year all the EC members along with Past President OPn Ali Hussain AkberAli organized special gifts for the Teachers and Students for winners of the Games.

The Chief Guest was SPSC Principal Brother Subrata Leo Rozario,CSC, Special guest was SPSC Vice Principal and Literacy School Headmaster Bro. Andrew Jayanta Costa ,CSC, Guest of Honor was Past President OPn A Qaiyum Chy. President OPn. Prashenjit Datta, Vice President OPn Nawaz A Khan, OPA General Secretary OPn. Mohammad Anis Ullah, OPA Treasurer OPn. Emrul Kias, OPA 1st Joint Secretary OPn. Juvair Hossain, OPA EC Member OPn Ronald Gomes,, OPn Shawkat Dovash, Opn Md. Kamrul Islam, OPn Md Hafizur Rahman, OPn Sazal Kanti Chy,OPn. Mamunur Rahman, Past President OPn. Md.Roshangir Baccu, OPn Mohammed Yakub, Past GS OPn Mohammed Reaz Khan, and from others OPn Newton Gomes,OPn Nurannabi Chy, OPn Ashabuddin, OPN Abdul Azim, OPn. Md Asif Iqbal, OPn Anis Chy all the Literacy School teachers and other OPns were present at the events at the School campus. OPA Literacy School teachers were honored by special gifts.  Prizes were distributed amongst the winners. Snacks & Fruits were also served for the OPA Literacy students and Guardians.