OPA Literacy School Annual Sports 2016

OPA Literacy School Annual Sports 2016 was held on Wednesday 27th April 2016 at St. Placid’s High School. OPA Past President OPn. Naushad Quadri was attended as Chief Guest in the event and Brother Ujjal, Vice Principal of SPS was attended as special guest in the event. Students performed a PT at first and then they have done many athletics competitions.  Students were given light snacks and Chocolate Milk sponsored by Abul Khair Group on this occasion.  Many OPns attended in the Annual sport program. At the end of program Winner students were given 1s, 2nd and 3rd Prizes. This program was organised by OPA Literacy Convener OPn. Md. Moinuddin and presided by OPA President OPN. Mohammed Yakub. OPA General Secretary OPn. Gius Uddin Chy Javin was conducted Master Ceremony of the Program. OPn. Naushad Quadri thanked OPA EC for making him chief guest and requested to raise the education standard of OPA Literacy School  students.