OPA Constitution


(Articles of Association and Bye Laws)

The constitution of OPA has been printed as per copyright of the amended copy Approved in EGM on 01-05-2019 base on the authenticated signatures of the Executive Committee 2019.

Table of Contents

Sl No. Subject Page
Article-1 The Name of the Association  
Article-2 Objectives  
Article-3 Activities  
Article-4 Meetings  
Article-5 Membership  
Article-6 Executive Committee  
Article-7 Reunion Committee  
Article-8 Duration of Membership  
Article-9 Community, National & International Affairs  
Article-10 Acceptance of object & compliance with Constitution & Bye-laws  
Article-11 Arbitration  
Article-12 Dissolution of the Association  
Article-13 New Bye-Laws  
Article-14 Amendments  
Article-15 Handover & Takeover Meeting  
Bye-Laws-1 Election of the Executive Committee  
Bye-Laws-2 Membership Fees & Dues  
Bye-Laws-3 Duties of Office Bearers  
Bye-Laws-4 Sub-Committees  
Bye-Laws-5 Duties of Sub-Committees  
Bye-Laws-6 Finance  
Bye-Laws-7 Amendments  


Chronology of amendments of the OPA Constitution

  • This Constitution was first adopted on 9th October 1955. A revised Constitution was adopted on 28th September 1966. Since then the Constitution has been revised, amended a number of times, as and when deemed fit, and were adopted in AGMs, EGMs as under:
  • AGM held on 5th October 1990 and in October 1991.
  • The revised and amended Constitution was adopted in the EGM held on 25th October 1999.
  • Owing to the inadvertent errors in the Constitution (grammatical, spelling, consistency errors), it was decided in the AGM held in October 2001 to appoint a committee to review and correct these errors. This edition of the Constitution is the result of such corrections carried out and approved in the EGM held on 12th December 2002. It also covers the additional amendments adopted in the EGM held on 12th December 2002.
  • EGM on 18th September 2011.
  • This Constitution has again been proposed and accepted by the EGM held on 7th November 2013.
  • Again this Constitution has been proposed and accepted by the EGM held on 1st May 2019.

 Old Placidians’ Association, Chittagong

Articles of Association


Article 1 : The name of the Association:

Section 1:

The name of the Association shall be  Old Placidians’ Association briefly to be referred to as the ‘ OPA’ or, simply, ‘the Association’

Section 2:

The address of the Association shall be c/o St. Placid’s High School, Patherghata, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Section 3:

There shall be a logo of Old Placidians’ Association as inscribed in the Constitution.

Section 4:

The motto of OPA shall be “WE GROW AS WE GO”.

Section 5:

Old Placidian refers to individuals who had been a student of St. Placid’s High School for at least 3 (three) consecutive academic years.

Section 6: 

In this Constitution “OPA” means ‘Old Placidians Association’ and “SPS” means ‘St. Placid’s High School’. “EC” means ‘Executive Committee’, “AGM” means ‘Annual General Meeting’, “EGM” means ‘Extra-Ordinary General Meeting’ and term or tenure means 12 months from January to December.

Article II OPA Object :

The object of the Association  is to encourage and  foster the ideal of fellowship and friendship

The functions/objectives of OPA shall be:

  1. To give past SPS pupils  opportunities of meeting one another
  2. To keep alive the interests of the OPA in the progress and development of the School
  3. To foster contact and spirit of solidarity among the Old Placidians
  4. To promote mutual assistance among the Old Placidians in the fields of employment, social service, etc
  5. To cooperate with the authorities of SPS , whenever called upon to do so, in such matters as may be of value and importance to the School
Article III Activities :

The activities of the Association shall consist mainly of the following :

Section 1 –   Recreational activities, in the form of sport, friendly matches etc.

Section 2 –   Social, cultural and fellowship activities, in the form of reunion, social days, events, picnics, etc.

Section 3 –   Literacy and School activities, in the form of school debates, forums, etc.

Section 4 –   Benevolent activities, in the form of creating funds to be used as donations, stipends, scholarship, trust, etc.

The scope of work can be extended, if agreed in AGM, without amending the Constitution.

Article IV  Meetings :

Section 1

Executive Committee Meetings (EC): The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in every two months. The quorum for meeting shall be one third of the EC members. The proceeding of all the meetings of the Executive Committee shall be recorded in the minutes book maintained by the General Secretary.

Section 1

Annual General Meeting: –    The Annual General Meeting shall ordinarily be held during the month of January every year. A maximum grace of 15 days will be allowed beyond 31st January to hold such meeting. However, the next (25th) AGM of OPA will be held 15 (fifteen) months after 1st October 2013 and accounts for 15 (fifteen) months will be given together. This has been necessitated due to the change in the fiscal year of the Association.

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the President shall be the Chairman of the meeting,  in his absence, the Vice-President.

The Agenda for the AGM shall be as follows :

I.   To adopt the minutes of the last AGM

II. To adopt the annual report of the Association including internal audit report- Bye Law VI, Section-14

III. To pass the annual audited accounts

IV. To appoint auditors

V.  To elect the Executive Committee for the following year

VI. To select a Reunion Convener for the Reunion in the relevant year

VII. To deal with any other business, provided due notice for the same has been given/issued as per Article IV Section 3

Notice for Annual General Meeting: A 15 (fifteen) days notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to all members of the Association. This notice has to be published in OPA website and all registered Life members must be informed by SMS/ email/ courier service. Also a Newspaper Advertisement/Press Release has to be published 15(fifteen) days prior to AGM. The quorum for the AGM, shall be 100 (one hundred) members. (refer to section 4 (a) below).

Section  3 :

Notice for any other business to be discussed at the AGM (refer to article XIV – Amendment and Bye-Law VII- Amendments), shall have to be submitted to the General Secretary at least 07 (seven) days before the date of the AGM.

Section 4 :

Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM)

(a)An EGM  shall be convened after 30 (thirty) minutes if the AGM is not held due to lack of quorum. For an EGM on this ground only, no formal notice shall be issued and no quorum shall be required ( in other words the provisions of article XIV and Bye-Law VII shall not apply in such case).

(b) The EC can call an EGM at any point of time for which no requisition is required from any Life Members.

(c) Except for above-mentioned section 4(a) & 4(b), all other EGM shall require a notice of at least 15 (fifteen) days. Such notice shall be issued by the General Secretary provided written notice for amendments in constitution or any other matter has been given by at least 50 (fifty) Life Members.

(d) The quorum for EGM shall be 50 (fifty) members. In case the quorum is not fulfilled the meeting will stand dissolved and a next date will be proposed / announced. Should the second EGM also fail to meet the quorum the proposal stands cancelled.

Section 5 :

Cutoff Date – OPA Executive Committee shall have to set a Cutoff Date at least 10 days prior to AGM/EGM to update their records regarding all applicable fees and dues. Only those updated and fully paid members may participate in the AGM/EGM.  Only Life Members of the Association shall have voting rights in the AGM/EGM.

Article V Membership.

OPA Membership:

Any ex – SPS student who had studied for at least 3(three) consecutive academic years at St. Placid’s High School may join OPA as a member if he has obtained at least any one of the following educational qualifications: Matriculation, Junior Cambridge, Senior Cambridge, Secondary School Certificate or equivalent from any educational institution.

There are four categories of membership in the OPA which are as follows:

a)    General Member:

Ex-students of SPS may join OPA General Member filling up membership form with proposer and seconder who must be   OPA Life Members, paying  Tk. 500 (five hundred only) as annual fee. Such members shall, however, not have any voting rights in the AGM or the EGM and also cannot be a candidate for the OPA Executive Committee (EC).

General members may participate in any programme arranged by OPA on payment of fees fixed by EC.

b)    Life Member:

Ex-students of SPS may join OPA as Life Member on filling up  membership form, after being proposed and seconded by Life Members of OPA and having paid Tk. 5000 (five thousand only) as one-time fee. There will be no annual fee for Life Members. Life members shall get an ID card from OPA on payment of fee fixed by EC. Such ID card will be valid for life. Life Members may participate in any programme arranged by OPA and also have voting rights in AGM and EGM. Only Life Members can contest for EC Membership.

c)     Associate Life Member:

Spouse of OPN’s may enroll as an “Associate Life Member” on payment of  one-time fee of Tk. 2000 (two thousand only) but shall have no voting rights, cannot be part of a quorum or be elected as a member of the Executive Committee. An Associate Life Member may, however, be co-opted in Sub-Committees as and when required by EC.

d)    Faculty Member:

All present and past teachers   who have taught at SPS for at least 5 (five) years, may join as OPA Faculty Member. Such member shall have to pay Tk. 500 (five hundred only) as annual fee and if he so desires may pay Tk. 5000 (five thousand only) as life time fee to become OPA Faculty Life Member. Members under this category shall not have voting rights at any AGM/EGM or form quorum or contest election unless they are also members under category b. Faculty Members may participate in any programme arranged by OPA.

Article VI Executive Committee:

Section 1: The general management of the Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee (EC) elected for a term of 12(twelve) months. Should the election be held late for any reason whatsoever, such term will still expire on 31st December.  The proceeding of all the meetings of the Executive Committee shall be recorded in the minutes book maintained by the General Secretary.

The EC shall comprise of the following:

(a) President – An elected Old Placidian.

Such a person should have the following qualifications and experience to be elected as the President:

i) Minimum age 40 years.

ii) Graduate(BA, BSc, B.Com or equivalent).

(b) Immediate Past President (IPP) (no voting rights)

(c) 1st Vice President: An elected Old Placidian.

(d) 2nd Vice President: The Principal/Headmaster of St. Placid’s High School.

(e) General Secretary: An elected Old Placidian.

(f) 1st Joint Secretary: An elected Old Placidian.

(g) 2nd Joint Secretary: A teacher of St. Placid’s High School nominated by the School authority or by the Headmaster/ Principal.

(h) Treasurer: An elected old Placidian.

(i) Members: 10 (ten) other elected Old Placidians.

Section 2

Elected EC members  shall not be eligible to contest in the election for more than 2(two) consecutive terms of one year each. However, the same member shall be eligible to be a candidate for election to an Executive post after abstaining from election for at least one term/year.

Section 3

The  EC shall be elected at the AGM of the Association. Vacancy that may occur during the AGM shall be filled in by co-opting from the floor. Any vacancy that may occur during the term of the EC, the same shall be filled in by co-option from the eligible members by the Executive Committee. The co-option shall take place no later than 30 (thirty) days after the post gets vacant. (The election of EC shall be held as per provisions of Bye-Law I Section-7) Such cooption will be done from the same group in which the co-opted member’s  position has fallen vacant. However, if such member is not available or not willing to be co-opted in the said group then co-option may be done from other groups by the Executive Committee.

Section 4

The  EC shall be empowered to appoint, at any time at their discretion, sub-committees for any purpose, in which it may also co-opt other General, Life, Associate Life and Faculty Members of the Association. In every sub-committee there shall be at least one member of the Executive Committee.

Section 5

The EC  shall be empowered to convene, on a motion of its own, an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting, at any time, provided at least 15 (Fifteen) days notice is given to all the members of the Association as per provisions of article XIV and Bye-Law VII.

Section 6

The Executive Committee shall be collectively responsible to the general members of OPA.

Section 7

In the absence of the President, the 1st Vice President will chair the meeting and in his absence the 2nd Vice President. In the absence of the Vice Presidents, the members present at the said meeting will appoint a Chairperson to chair the Executive Committee meeting.

Section 8

All office bearers except the Immediate Past President (IPP), 2nd  Vice President and 2nd  Joint Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Association shall be directly elected at the AGM through secret ballot, unless elected uncontested.

Section 9

The Executive Committee shall devise and effectively carry out plans which shall guide and assist the members of the Association in discharging their responsibilities on matters relating to OPA. The President shall be responsible for holding regular meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Secretary shall report on all activities.

Section 10

Fund Management: The EC shall not spend in excess of TK.4,00,000 (taka four lacs only) per year from the OPA funds to cover the annual expenses for running of the OPA including stipend, AGM/EGM, OPA/EC meeting expenses, Printing, etc. However, the amount may be revised if needed at any EGM.

The EC shall prepare a separate yearly budget for the OPA Literacy Centre. Further funds required for any activity envisaged/planned by the EC, shall be raised by them by way of donation, contribution, sponsorship, etc.

Article VII Reunion Committee :

Section 1

The Reunion should take place every three years preferably within the last quarter of the year. Such event should be organised by the Reunion Committee. At the Annual General Meeting, preceding the proposed Reunion, an old Placidian will be selected as the Convener of the Reunion.  The EC under the guidance of the said Convener shall form the Reunion Committee. The Reunion Organising Sub-committees should have the  designated members as under

1)      Chairman ( Incumbent President)

2)      Convener ( Selected at the AGM )

3)      1st Joint Convener

4)      2nd Joint Convener

5)      General Secretary Reunion ( Incumbent General Secretary )

6)      Treasurer Reunion ( Incumbent Treasurer )

7)      Associate Treasurer Reunion

8)      Member Incharge Registration

9)      Member Incharge Entertainment

10)    Member Incharge Magazine, Printing and Publication

11)    Member Incharge Establishment & Decoration

12)    Member Incharge Venue Management / Security

13)    Member Incharge Cultural Programme

14)    Member Incharge Publicity

15)    Member Incharge Games & Fun Fair

16)    Member Incharge Reception

17)    Member Incharge Overseas Liaison, Host and Accommodation

18)    Member Incharge Raffle

These Members Incharge may take 3(three) or more OPA members to constitute respective Sub-Committees for discharging of their responsibilities. The Chairman and Convener will be ex-officio members of all Sub-Committees.

The Reunion Convener shall be responsible for calling all Reunion related committee meetings.

Section 2

The Executive Committee shall finalise the Reunion Committee with the guidance of the Convener so selected at the AGM and thus form the Reunion Organising Committee.

Article VIII Duration of Membership :

Section 1

Life membership shall continue during the entire existence of the Association unless terminated as provided under section 2 of this Article. General membership is renewable every year on payment of the prescribed membership fee as per Bye- Law II.

Section 2

Membership Suspension/Termination:

a)       Membership of any General  Member/ Life Member shall be suspended

i.      for non-payment of OPA dues.

ii.      if convicted or declared insane by a competent court of law

iii.      for act of gross misconduct, false declaration, misappropriation, embezzlement and serious breach or flagrant violation of rules of the Association.

iv.      for any action or deed directly or indirectly subversive to the interests of the OPA.

v.      for any breach of conduct, act of destruction or deliberately creating impediment in the smooth running / functioning of the affairs of OPA EC/AGM/EGM

b)       In the event of any of the above mentioned offence, the EC shall form a 3 (three) member Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC) which shall probe into the charges and submit their report with recommended action within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of appointment of DAC to the EC save and except for “clause v” where the President of the EC alone is empowered to decide on the action to be taken which shall be binding on the member concerned.

c)       An EC member shall cease to remain a member of the EC of OPA for non attendance of 3 (three) consecutive EC meetings without prior written information to the President/General Secretary. In the event of an EC member losing his membership on the above mentioned ground the EC may co opt some other Life member to fill the vacancy till the next AGM is held.

Section 3

Resignation. The resignation of any member from the Association shall be in writing (addressed to the President or the General Secretary) which will be decided by the Executive Committee, provided that all outstanding fees/dues of the said member to the Association have been settled. Should the President resign/leave the 1st Vice President will take over till next Election.

Section 4

Property Interest – Forfeiture. Any person whose membership in this Association has been terminated in any manner shall forfeit all interest in any funds or other property belonging to the Association. In such a case, all belongings, files, documents, property of the Association in possession of the said member shall be handed over to the President or the General Secretary.

Section 5

Resignation en-masse: In the event of a situation where the Executive Committee is left with no alternative other than to offer to resign in a body (en-masse), an EGM shall be convened by the 2nd  Vice President ( Head master SPS), to consider the resignation of the Committee. If accepted at the EGM, an Ad-hoc Committee with a Chairman along with 10(ten) other Life Members which will be selected from amongst Life Members. Such Ad-hoc Committee shall be responsible for the management of the affairs of the Association till the next Annual General Meeting. In such an event, Head Master of SPS shall issue the EGM notice as per article IV (section 4, b).

Article IX Community, National and International Affairs :

Section 1

This Association shall neither adopt nor circulate resolution or views, nor take corporate action dealing with national affairs or international policies of a political nature.

Section 2

Branch Association:  The Association shall grant affiliation as Chapters to St. Placid’s High School Old Boy’s Association that may be formed from time to time at various places in Bangladesh and overseas, where ten or more Old Placidians reside. The formation of such Chapters shall be communicated to the General Secretary of the Old Placidian’s Association, c/o St. Placid’s High School, Patherghata, Chittagong, who shall advise the EC the activities of such Chapters from time to time.

Section 3

Relation with other Organisations: The Association shall maintain cordial relations with all organization of a similar nature and shall, at the discretion of EC, co-operate with various social, sports, educational and cultural organizations in the city of Chittagong, elsewhere in Bangladesh and overseas.

Article X, Acceptance of object and compliance with Constitution and Bye-Laws :  

A member, by payment of admission fee and dues, and by signing the application form, hereby accepts the principles of Old Placidians’ Association as expressed in its objectives and submits to and agrees to comply with and be bound by the Constitution. No member shall be absolved from the observance of the Constitution and its Bye Laws on the plea that such member has not received a copy of these documents (Articles of Association and Bye Laws).

Article XI, Arbitration :

Should any dispute arise between any member or members, or a former member or members, and the Association, or with any office bearer or the Executive Committee of the Association, concerning membership or any alleged breach of the Constitution or concerning the expulsion of any member from the Association, or for any account whatsoever which cannot be satisfactorily settled under the procedure provided in this Articles of Association and Bye-Laws, for such purpose, the matters in difference shall be settled by arbitration. Each party shall appoint an arbitrator and the arbitrators shall appoint an umpire. Only Life Members of the Association of suitable standing and above 55 years of age, may be appointed as an arbitrator or an umpire. The decision arrived at by the arbitrators, or in the event of their disagreement, the decision of the umpire, shall be final and binding on all parties.

Article XII, Dissolution of the Association :

The Association may be dissolved voluntarily if two thirds of all Life Members of the Association decide to do so.  Such notice of dissolution should be given to the EC in which case an EGM of the Association shall be called to decide the matter. An EC meeting will be called subject to the authenticity of such a notice.  In case of agreement on voluntary dissolution, an 11 (eleven) member Ad-Hoc Committee of Life Members shall be constituted by the members present at the EGM. The Principal/Headmaster of the School shall be the custodian of all assets and liabilities, if any, of the dissolved Association. The decision given by such Ad-Hoc committee shall be binding on all members.

Article XIII, New Bye-Laws :

The Association shall adopt new Bye-Laws which are fully consistent with the Constitution of the Association, embodying additional provision for proper management provided the same has been approved and adopted by AGM/EGM.

Article XIV, Amendments :  

Section 1

Except as otherwise provided in various sections, this Constitution may be amended only by an EGM. The EGM will be governed by Article IV (Section 4) and/or Bye-Law VII concerning Constitution amendment.

Section 2

Amendments to this Constitution except as otherwise provided in sections of this article, may only be proposed collectively by atleast 50 (fifty)  life members, or by the Executive Committee itself.

Section 3

Procedure. Any proposal to amend this Constitution as per Article XIV, Section-2 shall be submitted to the General Secretary.

The General Secretary of the Association shall mail copies of all proposed amendments to all Life Members of the Association at \ along with the notice of the EGM.


Article XV Handover and Takeover Meeting:

Within 15 (fifteen) days of AGM, Election Committee shall set a date for handover and takeover meeting inviting all immediate past EC members and newly elected EC members. The following task will be accomplished in this meeting:

a)    The outgoing Committee shall hand over all documents, files, records, assets and liabilities to the newly elected Executive Committee. All FDRs in original lying with the Principal/ Headmaster of St. Placid’s High School will be shown to the new committee.

b)    Outgoing committee shall hand over the last AGM minutes and record of all minutes of all past meetings held at the EC, AGMs and EGMs and Committee and sub committees, to the incoming General Secretary.

c)    Outgoing OPA Executive Committee has to provide a list of the existing General Membership, Life Membership, Associated Life Membership and Faculty Membership to the incoming Executive Committee at handover/takeover meeting. This list must be signed by IPP, the incoming President and General Secretary.

d)    Outgoing Treasurer shall hand over all accounts, books of accounts, reports, etc to the incoming Treasurer compiled till 3 (three) days before the AGM date.

Bye-Laws Of Old Placidians’ Association, Chittagong

Bye-Law l: Election of The Executive Committee:

Section 1

Election shall be conducted by an Election Committee headed by the Principal/ Headmaster of SPS as the Convener. He shall nominate 2 (two) Life Members as Co-Conveners, who are not contesting the Election to assist him.

Section 2


a)       Within 15 (fifteen) days prior to the Election, the Election Committee shall draw-up an election schedule commensurate with the Constitution and shall circulate the Nomination Forms accompanied with the notice of the Annual General Meeting to all members in order to enable an intending candidate to submit his nomination for contesting in the Executive Committee election.

b)       An intending candidate or any member on his behalf shall be required to submit his nomination form duly filled in and signed by him. Written/Fax/Scanned nomination paper duly filled in and signed by the candidate will be accepted by the Election Committee.  The nomination must be deposited in a sealed box kept for the purpose in the office of SPS Headmaster (Election Committee ) on or before the date and time, which, in any case shall be at least 10 (ten) days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting. At the time of submitting the nomination form the candidate shall deposit PO favouring OPA for Taka 2000 (two thousand only) as non refundable nomination fee. All candidates should have 3 years of life membership to apply for nomination. Such candidates must clear all the dues and outstanding in his name with the OPA before he files such nomination failing which his application may be rejected by the EC.

c)       The scrutiny of the nomination papers shall be done by the Election Committee in the presence of the candidates or their authorised representatives after which the names of the candidates whose nomination has been found valid shall be announced as per Election schedule. Such scrutiny will be done superficially by the EC on the last date of submission of the application and the final list of candidates eligible to stand for election will be published on the date so nominated by the EC. However, rejection of any application may be made before the final list of eligible candidate is published after appeal procedure within 48 hours.

d)       A candidate may withdraw his nomination by a written request letter addressed to the Election Committee at least 7 (seven) days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting. In case of such withdrawals the nomination fees so paid shall not be refunded.

e)       After election, educational certificates, birth date evidence etc. may be sought by the Election Committee (EC) on its own or on the complaint of any candidate. Should the EC find any false declaration given by any elected member, the said member will stand disqualified immediately such notice has been given by EC, in which case co-option will be done to replace the disqualified candidate.

f)        The following Life Members will be eligible to qualify for election to the EC representing the year of their passing out:

1            (1955-1977) 3 (Three) Members
2            (1978-1982) 3 (Three) Members
3            (1983-1989) 3 (Three) Members
4            (1990-1995) 2 ( Two) Members
5            (1996-2001) 2 (Two)  Members
6            (2002-2006) 1 (One)  Member
7            (2007-2017) 1 (One)  Member
Note: Till such time this Constitution remains valid and in order to give the younger members a chance to be elected to the EC of  OPA, following  2017, every year, there will be an increase of 1 (one ) year to the above periods keeping pre 1955 constant in view of OPA having been founded in 1955.
Section 4

The Election Committee shall approve or disapprove the nomination proposal as per schedule and shall notify the candidate or the proposer of his decision and such decision shall be displayed on the OPA notice board with the final list of candidates.

Section 5

The Election Committee shall set forth rules and regulations for grouping/schedule of the candidates, conduct the election, supervise the counting of votes and maintain fairness of the election in the strictest manner. Should there be any election in any group only the Life Members of that particular group will vote for the candidates in the said group.

Section 6

The election of the Executive Committee shall be conducted  by secret ballot. The office bearers shall be selected from the elected Executive Committee members by consensus or ballot. If any candidate elected having age above 40 (forty) years do not opt to stand for the post of the President, the other EC members shall opt to elect any other candidate below 40 (forty) years as a President.

Section 7

Any or all-vacant EC positions must be filled in by co-option from amongst the Life Members within 30 days from the date of vacancy. However these members must be proposed and seconded by any Life members.

Bye-Law ll:  Membership Fees and Dues :

Section 1

General membership fee shall be Tk. 500.00 (Taka Five Hundred) only per annum. Such members shall be eligible to:

i)   participate in the AGM or the EGM

ii)  attend the various functions and programmes of the Association.

Section  2

An Old Placidian may become a Life Member by paying a one-time fee of TK. 5000.00 (Taka five thousand).

Section 3

Spouse of an Old Placidian may be an ”Associate Life Member” by paying a one-time fee of Tk. 2000.00 (Taka two thousand) only.

However an Associate Life Member shall not be entitled to contest elections/motion/proposal or vote in an election/motion/option/proposal of the Association.

Bye-Law lll: Duties of Office Bearers

Section  1

President.    President will preside over meetings of the Executive Committee, AGM and EGM and to perform   such other duties as ordinarily pertains to the office of the President.

Section 2

Immediate Past President (IPP) shall serve as a member of the Executive Committee of the Association and perform such duties as may be requested by the President or the Executive Committee.

Section 3

In the absence of the President, the 1st Vice President shall preside over all meetings and in his absence the 2nd Vice President. In the absence of the Vice Presidents, the members present at the said meeting will appoint a Chairperson to chair the Executive Committee meeting.

Section 4

General Secretary willkeep the records of membership, attendance of the meetings, send out notices, record and preserve the minutes of such meetings including the EC, AGM and EGM and perform such other duties as usually pertains to the office and secretarial works of the General Secretary.

Section 5

In the absence of the General Secretary, the 1st Joint Secretary shall discharge the duties and responsibilities of the General Secretary.

2nd Joint Secretary shall participate in the OPA activities and communicate the same to fellow teachers and will foster fellowship with the teachers of SPS and the old Placidians.

Section 6

Treasurer. It shall be duty of the Treasurer

·         to maintain record, monitor, manage and renew Fixed Deposit Instruments keeping the EC informed

·         to keep custody of all funds, maintain proper accounts and books of accounts of the Association

·         to submit the accounts statements annually or at any other time upon demand by the Executive Committee

·         to perform such other duties as pertains to the office of the Treasurer

·         submit a consolidated income and expenditure account, cash position and cash flow statement every quarter to all the EC Members by email and/or by post

·         to prepare final accounts up to 31st December and have the same audited by the auditors appointed in the preceding AGM

·         to prepare accounts from 1st  January of the last accounting year till 3(three) days before the AGM date

·         other than members’ annual fees, neither he nor any EC member shall accept in cash any payments/donations/subscriptions/ advertisements/etc

·         to issue receipts within 7 days of all  payments  so received by him from any source whatsoever

·         to maintain pre-numbered single receipt book for all receipt of all funds by the Association

·         upon retirement from office he shall hand over all accounts and statements and book of accounts or any other property of the Association to the incoming Treasurer or to the President

By Law, IV Formation of Sub-Committees :

Section 1

(a) The President shall, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, constitute the following “sub committees”. In constituting such sub-committees, there should be provision for continuity of membership, either by appointing one or more members for a second term subject to the discretion of the EC:

i)                     Stipend Sub-Committee

ii)                   News Letter & Magazine Sub-Committee

iii)                  OPA Literacy Centre Sub-Committee

iv)                 Games and Sports Sub-Committee

v)                   Debate & Literacy Sub-Committee

vi)                 Social & Cultural Sub-Committee

vii)                Fellowship Activities Sub-Committee

viii)              Funfair  Sub-Committee

ix)                 Any other Sub-Committee(s) that the EC may decide to form

(b) The President may also, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, constitute specific sub-committee(s) for a specific purpose as deemed necessary.
(c) The General Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex-officio members of all sub-committees.
(d) Each Sub-Committee shall transact such business as delegated to it in the Bye-Laws and such additional business as may be referred to by the President or the Executive Committee.  Except where special authority is given by the Executive Committee, a sub-committee shall not take any action until a report has been submitted to the Executive Committee and approved by it.
By Law V. Duties of Sub-Committees:

Section 1

Stipend Sub-Committee. This committee shall through press advertisement and notice board display, call for applications from old Placidians still pursuing their studies in SPS or at any Colleges or Universities. The committee shall scrutinize these applications in consultation with the Principal/Head Master of SPS and select the most deserving, poor but meritorious students to offer the OPA stipends and propose the same to the Executive Committee for taking a final decision in this regard. Stipends are to be allocated within the budget approved by the Executive Committee.

Section 2

News Letter and Magazine Sub-Committee. This committee shall publish a half yearly News Letter on behalf of the Association, to stimulate interest and improve attendance, announce programs of forthcoming meetings and gatherings, publish Highlights of the previous meetings, promote fellowship, carry articles of interest to the members of OPA, on SPS & OPA Literacy centre activities, publish education oriented articles and generally report news of the Association, of its members and related programmes.

Section 3

OPA Literacy Centre Sub-Committee. This Subcommittee shall ensure a qualitative child centered education for the under-privileged boys i.e., chance to learn to read, write, count and express in writing. In addition, the centre  will ensure:

a)       Quality education and up gradation of the classes, as and when necessary,

b)       Assess performance of the teachers, ensure School administration, implement organogram and pay-scales and review progress in light with the OPA objectives,

c)       Periodical educational monitoring and guidance,

d)       Annual Programme (culture & sports, etc.),

e)       Student enrolment plan, etc., and any other business assigned by the EC,

f)        Such committee will submit quarterly consolidated income and expenditure accounts and cash position and cash flow statement to all the EC Members by email and/or by post.

Section 4:

Games & Sports Sub-Committee: This Sub-Committee shall arrange various friendly games with students of SPS, Teachers of SPS, Old Placidians, other clubs, schools, etc. At least one friendly game must be held during the term of the EC.

Section 5:

Debate and Literary Sub-Committee. This Sub-Committee shall arrange inter-school debates and literary competition to foster and develop friendship and fellowship between students and various institutions. At least one debate competition shall be held during the term of the EC.

Section 6 :

Community service Sub-Committee:  This Sub-Committee shall devise and carry out plans which will guide and assist the members of this Association in discharging their responsibilities in their community services. The convener of this sub-committee shall be responsible for community service activities of the Association and shall supervise and coordinate the work of any committee that may be appointed on any project of the community service.

Section 7:

Fellowship Activities Sub-Committee: This Sub-Committee shall promote acquaintance and friendship among the members, promote participation by members in OPA recreational and social activities and do such work in pursuance of the general objective of the Association as may be assigned by the President of the Executive Committee.

Section 8 :

Funfair Sub-Committee: This Sub-Committee shall organize and hold a Funfair every year to raise funds for the OPA Literacy Centre. All Funfair accounts shall be maintained properly under the Treasurer and the amounts so collected shall be deposited in the OPA bank accounts. Such accounts shall have to be passed by the EC as soon as their  meeting following the Funfair is held.

Section 9 – Other Sub-Committees:

a) Programme Sub-Committee. This Sub-Committee shall prepare and arrange the programmes for the regular and special meetings of the Association.

b) Public Relation Sub-Committee. This Sub-Committee shall devise and carry out plans:

i. to give the public a  general information about OPA, its history, objects, and scope and

ii. to secure proper publicity for the Association.

c)       Partners in Service Sub-Committee. This Sub-Committee shall devise and carryout plans, which will guide and assist the members of this Association in building relationships with other organizations within the community.
Bye Law VI , Finance: 

Section 1 :

  • Budget has to approved by the EC for maximum of TK. 4,00,000(Four Lacs ) for a year for the following:
  • *amount needed for all OPA routine expenses like AGM, EGM ,EC meeting expenses, post, SMS, printing, stationery, salary, etc.
  • *for all other OPA activities like stipends, functions, game, debates, gold medal distribution and others programs.
  • *all amounts needed over and above TK. 4, 00,000(Four Lacs) shall have to be raised by the EC through donations, contribution, sponsorship, advertisements, etc.
  • *a separate budget shall be presented by the President, General Secretary and the Treasurer to the EC for the OPA Literacy Centre. Such budget will only be spent from the income of the OPA fund and/or from donations.
  • *this constitution bars the EC from spending any money in excess of the budget so fixed by the Constitution.
  • *without EC authorization no amounts will be transferred from OPA Literacy account to the General Fund Account.
  • *no withdrawals to be made by the Out-going Executive Committee, after the end of the Fiscal Year. Provisional funds for the following AGM & Gold Medal scholarship, should be withdrawn during the month of December. Funds related to sales of Nomination papers can be collected by the Out-going Executive COMMITTEE at the time of AGM. The Provisional funds must be kept as Cash in hand, under the sole custody and responsibility of the Honorary Treasurer.
Section 2: 

The Treasurer shall

  • transact the current financial business of the Association and shall submit to the Executive Committee, quarterly consolidated income and expenditure accounts, cash position and cash flow statement to all the EC Members by email and/or by post.
  • shall submit annually a duly audited statement of the Association’s financial position to the Executive Committee for approval prior to placing the same before the members at the Annual General Meeting.
  • shall prepare accounts from 1st January of the last accounting year till 3(three) days before the AGM date and submit to the new committee at the AGM date.
Section 3 :

  • The Treasurer shall be empowered to hold a petty cash fund of TK. 5,000.00 (five thousand) only except at the time of the yearend where provisional funds for the following AGM & Gold Medal scholarship, would be withdrawn during the month of December. Such petty cash statement of expenses shall also be submitted to all EC members with the quarterly statement of accounts as per these Bye Laws.
Section 4 :

The post office bank pass-book, other bank cheque books, statement of the Association’s bank accounts shall remain in the custody of the Treasurer. All cheques and withdrawal instrument on behalf of the Association shall bear  the signature  of the President alongwith signature of any one of the following:

1.       The Treasurer

2.       The General Secretary.

Section 5 :

The Treasurer shall deposit within 7 (seven) days, all funds of the Association in banks to be determined by the Executive Committee. A part-time accountant on an honorarium basis if needed, as decided by the EC, may be employed to maintain upto date books of accounts of the Association. The EC shall maintain only 2 (two) bank accounts namely OPA Literacy Centre and OPA General Fund.

Section 6 :

Any expense exceeding Tk. 5,000.00 (taka five thousand) only shall be paid by cheque upon vouchers signed by the Treasurer, General Secretary and countersigned by the President.

Section 7:

The EC shall not draw any money from the OPA Fund 3 (three) days prior to the AGM. All expenses to run OPA after the AGM till handover/ takeover is not done, will continue to be made under the advice and knowledge of the new committee so elected.

Section 8 :

The fiscal year of this Association shall be from 1st January to 31st December each year.

Section 9 :

At the beginning of each fiscal year, as mentioned in section 1 of Article VI of Bye Laws, the Executive Committee shall prepare a budget for TK. 4,00,000 (four lacs ) only or less.

However, any expenditure in excess of TK. 4, 00,000 (four lacs) only, as stipulated under section 1 Article VI Finance of Bye Laws, cannot be made unless approved by the EGM.

Section 10 :

The Annual accounts must be audited every year by a firm of Chartered Accountants appointed by the AGM.

Section 11 :

The EC may decide to employ a full-time office Secretary and/or full time or part time office staff to carry out the day to day routine work of the Association. Honorarium for such employment shall be fixed by the EC.

Section 12:

At the end of each year any surplus cash available with the Association beyond the budget amount should be converted by the EC into Fixed Deposit with attractive interest rates.

Section 13:

All FDRs and other saving instruments in favour of “Old Placidians’ Association” must be submitted to the Principal/ Headmaster of St. Placid’s High School for safe custody on behalf of OPA. The Principal will acknowledge receipt of all such FDRs to the EC that is so appointed every year by the AGM. Treasurer will collect FDR instruments from the Principal for the purpose of renewal against a written request made by the President and General Secretary jointly.

Treasurer shall be accompanied by a representative of Principal/Headmaster for such renewals.

Request for any encashment of the said FDRs for meeting the excess over budget expenses of OPA shall have to be approved by an EGM. However, encashment may be allowed for any better investment in the form of interest with any other Financial Institution provided majority members of the EC so agrees. In such case also the Principal/Headmaster will send his representative.

Section 14:

An internal audit of accounts shall be carried out once every 6 (six) months by 2 (two) senior Life Members or any other persons, well versed in accounts so appointed by the EC on the recommendation of the President. Such internal audit report shall form part of Annual Report to be submitted at the AGM

Bye Law VII, Amendments:

These Bye-Laws may be amended at any EGM, a quorum being present, by majority votes of all members present, provided that notice of such proposed amendment has been mailed to each member at least 15 (Fifteen) days before such meeting as per provisions and procedure of Article XIV of this Constitution.

Suggestions for Amendment (s) to the Constitution:

You are requested to send your suggestions (if any), for any logically desirable amendment (s) to the General Secretary. Only Life members can give their Proposals.