OPA Life Membership Procedure

1) Pay 5000 Taka Life Membership fees at OPA Office (5-7PM Daily)

2) Fill Up the Life Membership Form and submit a photo at OPA Office ( Two current OPA Life Member’s name and cell number required as Reference)


OPA Membership:

Any ex – SPSstudent who had studied for at least 3(three) consecutive academic years at St. Placid’s High School may join OPA as a member if he has obtained at least any one of the following educational qualifications: Matriculation, Junior Cambridge, Senior Cambridge, Secondary School Certificate or equivalent from any educational institution.

Membership Fees

Life Members –
Joining Fees – Taka 5000 ,
Annual Fees – Nil,
Validity – Lifetime

General Members –
Joining Fess – Taka 500,
Annual Fees – Taka 500,
Validity – 1 Year (upto Next OPA AGM)


There are four categories of membership in the OPA which are as follows:

a) General Member:

Ex-students of SPS may join OPA General Member filling up membership form with proposer and seconder who must be OPA Life Members, paying Tk. 500 (five hundred only) as annual fee. Such members shall, however, not have any voting rights in the AGM or the EGM and also cannot be a candidate for the OPA Executive Committee (EC).

General members may participate in any programme arranged by OPA on payment of fees fixed by EC.

b) Life Member:

Ex-students of SPS may join OPA as Life Member on filling up membership form, after being proposed and seconded by Life Members of OPA and having paid Tk. 5000 (five thousand only) as one-time fee. There will be no annual fee for Life Members. Life members shall get an ID card from OPA on payment of fee fixed by EC. Such ID card will be valid for life. Life Members may participate in any programme arranged by OPA and also have voting rights in AGM and EGM. Only Life Members can contest for EC Membership.

c) Associate Life Member:

Spouse of OPN’s may enroll as an “Associate Life Member” on payment of one-time fee of Tk. 2000 (two thousand only) but shall have no voting rights, cannot be part of a quorum or be elected as a member of the Executive Committee. An Associate Life Member may, however, be co-opted in Sub-Committees as and when required by EC.

d) Faculty Member:

All present and past teachers who have taught at SPS for at least 5 (five) years, may join as OPA Faculty Member. Such member shall have to pay Tk. 500 (five hundred only) as annual fee and if he so desires may pay Tk. 5000 (five thousand only) as life time fee to become OPA Faculty Life Member. Members under this category shall not have voting rights at any AGM/EGM or form quorum or contest election unless they are also members under category b. Faculty Members may participate in any programme arranged by OPA.