The handover take over ceremony was held in a befitting environment on 12th February, 2020 at OPA office in Saint Placid’s School and College. The past Executive Committee members handed over the charge to the new Executive Committee members with all financial and official documents and other matters of OPA as directed in the constitution. President OPn. Prashenjit Datta, Vice President OPn. Nawaz A Khan Remon, SPSC Principal Brother Subrata Leo Rozario,CSC, OPA General Secretary OPn. Mohammad Anis Ullah, OPA Treasurer OPn. Emrul Kias, OPA 1st Joint Secretary OPn. Jubair Hossain Ovin, and other newly elected EC Members along with Past Ec Members of 2019 were present at the meeting.

SPSC Principal Brother Subrata Leo Rozario,CSC. Welcome and expressed his gratitude to all the newly elected EC Members and thanks the outgoing committee members for the successful events throughout the year.

Immediate Past OPA President, OPn. Mashfique Ahmed Chy has expressed his heartiest thanks to the past committee (2019) for the successful events throughout the year. He welcomed newly elected president OPn. Prashenjit Datta, General Secretary OPn. Mohammad Anis Ullah, along with all new EC members of OPA during the Handover Take over Meeting. After that he welcomes all the newly EC members with flower bouquets and handover a Pen to newly elected President OPn. Prashenjit Datta, which he wants to be continued as ritual to the next president. Past President OPn Mohammed Yasin Chy, was also present at the ceremony.

The upcoming president OPn Prashenjit Datta, expressed his thanks and gratitude to all the EC Members, Fellow OPn. Members for giving him the opportunity to be the president of OPA. He ensured that further supplements and other initiatives would be taken and explored all the activities of OPA for the betterment of the association during the near future.