In the crisis moments of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak when low earning people were in trouble to maintain their lifestyle, Dry Food Distribution Programme was held on Tuesday, 31st March, 2020 at 11.00 AM at SPSC Premises for the 210 family members of the underprivileged OPA LITERACY SCHOOL (OLS) students whilst maintaining proper social distancing.Rice=5Kg, Potato=2 Kg, Mosoor Dal=1 Kg, Soybean Oil=1 Ltr, Sugar=1 Kg, Atta=1Kg, Onion= 1Kg, Chira=500 gm., Soap=500 gm. In total 13.5 kg food was distributed to every family.

SPSC Principal Brother Subrata Leo Rozario,CSC. was the Chief guest at this event. President OPn. Prashenjit Datta, OLS Convener OPn Mohd. Hafizur Rahman, OPA General Secretary OPn. Mohammad Anis Ullah, OPA Treasurer OPn. Emrul Kias, OPA 1st Joint Secretary OPn. Juvair Hossain, OPA EC Member, OPn Shawkat Dovash, OPn David Penheiro, OPn Mamunur Rahman, Past Treasurer OPn Anselm L Martin, and also OPn Jewel Biswas, OPn Anis Chy, OPn Jewel Rahman with all the Teachers and other senior OPN were present at the occasion.