Old Placidians’ Association


OPA the alumni association of St. Placid’s itself was established in 1955 with the motto ‘We grow as we go’ For a while OPA was to some extent dormant, till Bishop Joachim Rozario re-launched it. During 1989-90 the organization gained momentum. Soon it began to involve itself in social works and activities, besides observing important national and international days and events.

The Objectives of OPA are as follows:

  • To give past pupils of St. Placid’s High School opportunities of meeting one another.
  • To keep alive the interest of these old boys in the progress and development of the school.
  • To foster contact and a spirit of solidarity among these old boys.
  • To promote mutual assistance among these old boys in the fields of employment, social service, etc.
  • To cooperate with the authorities of St. Placid’s High School whenever called upon to do so, in such matters as may be of value and importance to the School.

OPA Membership Fees

Membership Fees – Taka 5000
Associate Member Fees – Taka 2000 (Spouse of LM)
Annual Fees – Nil
Validity – Lifetime