26th OPA Annual General Meeting

Abir Babuji 01876084747 (21) copy26th OPA General Meeting was held on 13th February 2016 at St. Placid’s High School at 6:30Pm. OPA President OPn. Mohammed Yakub presided the meeting. Around 350 life members attended in the AGM. OPA President OPn. Mohammed Yakub presented crest to the Executive Committee members of term 2015 and thanked them for all their support and cooperation. OPA Past President OPn. Quaiyum Chowdhury conducted OPA Gold Medal Awards to the SSC Students. Two SSC students were awarded gold medal in the meeting. Election for term 2016 was conducted by SPS Principal Bro. Prodip Louis Rozario CSC and OPn. Nuashad Quadri and OPn. Raffi Ahmed helped election convener to conduct the EC 2016 election smoothly. Elected EC members for 2016 terms are Presdient – OPn. Md. Yakub, 1st Vice President OPn. Yasin Chowdhury,  2nd Vice President – Bro. Prodip Louis Rozario CSC, General Secretary – OPn. Gias Uddin Javin, 1st Joint Secretary – OPn. Reaz A Khan Real, 2nd Joint Secretary – OPn. Oliver Gomes, Treasurer – OPn. Jan E Alam Romen, EC members –  OPn. RONALD GOMES, OPn. MD. SHAWKAT DOVASH, OPn. MOHAMMED MOINUDDIN, OPn. AFSAR A KHAN, OPn. PAUL PROBAL MONDLE, OPn. SYED NADIRUDDIN TAHER, OPn. MOHAMMED KAMRUL ISLAM, OPn. SAJAL KANTI CHOWDHURY, OPn. PRASHENJIT DATTA (RAJU), OPn. PRIYAM DEY. Finally at the meeting dinner was served.