Dear OPn,
We take great pleasure to inform, that this year The 11th Reunion of OPA will be held on Friday, the 18th December 2020 at the SPSC Premises.

Date: Friday 18th December 2020

Venue: SPSC Premises

Program Time: From: ( 03.00-10.00 pm)

Registration Fee (Per Person): 1st 600 Registered LM will get an attractive Bag, and the rest of the registered LM will get a handbag with other gifts.

Life member = 1500 TK( Cash)/1550 TK (Bkash)

Ex Placidian’s = 1700 TK(Cash)/1750 TK (Bkash)

From 05th November-20th November (06.00-08.00 PM)
Family Members ( Wife, Son, Daughter) Per Person:=1200 TK( Cash)/1230 TK (Bkash) ( Children below 5 Years are Free) From 1st December-06th December(depends on the situation)

Online Registration

Please don’t fill the Spouse/son/daughter’s section now.

* Terms and condition *

*In case the program has to be canceled due to any reason or Govt. Restrictions no refund will be given. However, all Gifts will be delivered to the Registered Life members. Balance Cash (if any) will be deposited to the ‘OPA LITERACY SCHOOL’ A/c. Audited accounts of the same will be placed at the AGM.

For more info: 01711820882, 01819313164, 01819385047.

We are now upgrading the data of Life members, to publish in the Reunion Magazine /Souvenir.

Please check your LM info on the website and if it is required to be corrected/ edited/updated, in that case, please follow the instructions given therein or email your updated data to, by the 20th of November 2020.
After this deadline, no updates will be published in the Reunion Magazine. For any further info, please call 01819385047.

Best Regards,
OPn Prashanjit Datta
(President, OPA)
OPn Newaz A Khan Remon
OPn Mohammad Anis Ullah